About Us

Intl. Marketing Consultants

We specialize in residential, commercial, and industrial management, as well as rent and resale of timeshare memberships. At Intl. Marketing Consultants , we take our commitment of managing, selling and renting your property very seriously. We believe it is important our clients are informed and understand every step of their transaction. Changing the way you experience the process of timeshare sales Intl. Marketing Consultants is more than just a real estate sales company; it's a perfect combination between excellent work ethics and customer service. Our company can offer the expertise earned from more than a decade of professional real estate and timeshare sales and marketing.

At the core of our dynamic our company is formed by a group of visionary men and women with a passion for timeshare sale and a proven record of success. We share a dedication to professional ethics and a commitment to making sure that all business is done with a "human touch".

Why Us

Our goal is simple, deliver maximum satisfaction to our clients, and establish Intl. Marketing Consultants as the leader in online real estate resale.

We aim to give our clients the combined power of outstanding customer service and the absolute most effective online marketing. For our clients looking to sell their property, this means maximum exposure and our solid commitment to helping you with your goal to get your property sold.

We are committed to giving our clients the highest level of value and service from our staff and site. We're committed to staying on the leading edge of the online timeshare sales industry by aggressively pursuing techniques that will keep our site and your timeshare listings at the top of the search engines. What this means is that we will do everything we can to make sure that our listing clients are the first and the best that internet timeshare sales searching has to offer!

Many types of internet-based companies are founded on a whim and are "here today gone tomorrow" establishments, and the internet businesses in the field of real estate sale are no different.

Therefore, we have made a solid commitment to stay and provide the level of service our clients deserve.

We are different

Our Commitment to Property Buyers. Our "No Upfront Fee Policy" removes the stress from our listed sellers, as well as the high-pressure of handling the whole sales process themselves. One of our experts will conduct the process of negotiation between the buyer and seller. Both buyers and sellers can take comfort in having a professional broker on their side to ensure a smooth and worry-free experience. As part of our commitment to giving our clients the best possible resale experience, we can also recommend reliable companies for title work and competitive financing, speeding the sale process and helping to "close the deal" efficiently.

Our Commitment to Property Sellers. We understand that simply advertising your property is not your goal: you want to get it sold! Our professional brokerage staff is dedicated to helping you find the right buyer and close the deal. We strive to maintain an attractive listing "environment", a steady stream of interested potential real estate buyers, and a stress-free process to help make the sale process more than just simple; we want it to be a pleasure! Our polite staff is available to discuss all aspects of the sale and advertising of your timeshare to make sure that you are comfortable and pleased with the progress of the timeshare sales process.