Offered Services


Our comprehensive accounting and reporting system generates monthly financial statements (income statement, balance sheet and cash flow) and both book and tax year end reports. We provide all of the detail including property income and expense items, annual budgets and forecasts, setting and analysis of rental rates, and maintenance and reserve detail.


Intl. Marketing Consultants uses property specific direct marketing channels to maximize visibility to prospective tenants. We provide owners detailed weekly reports of traffic and rental success of each marketing channel. Our property marketability standards and checklists provide owners with real time recommendations on increasing property value.


Through cost value analysis, market research and construction expertise, Intl. Marketing Consultants can prepare and implement a strategic repositioning plan on a unit by unit and overall property basis.
Our goal is to increase the value of your investment while providing great service.


Intl. Marketing Consultants can provide assessment and recommendations for your marketing plans, budget allocations, promotional execution and any other marketing, public relations and advertising needs. We take a hard look at your media buys, promotions and creative strategy and provide you with a professional assessment with solutions.


Intl. Marketing Consultants can develop, create, plan and execute campaigns, promotions and events for your company. Whether you are launching a new company, re-branding an existing business or launching a new campaign, Intl. Marketing Consultants can effectively communicate your message through creative graphics, design and multi-media production.


Intl. Marketing Consultants will develop, write and distribute news releases. Hundreds of releases and alerts have been picked up and turned into positive new articles, radio and TV appearances and magazine spreads. This has been accomplished through reaching the right distribution channels.