Rent a Timeshare

Our goal is simple, deliver maximum satisfaction to our clients, and establish Intl. Marketing Consultants as the leader on the sale or rent of your time share.

Even when you own a timeshare, you might not always be able to go on vacation. Do not let your timeshare go to waste. Rent out your week to make some extra money and help make someone else´s dream vacation come true. People are always looking for a good deal on a vacation and a timeshare can save them hundreds of dollars or more compared to a hotel. Intl. Marketing Consultants provide a large platform to facilitate the rental of your timeshare. We will directly market the timeshare you wish to rent out to those who are already interested in purchasing or rent a timeshare.

If you are the average family that goes on vacation, then you might spend $500 a night to visit an average hotel. The price you would pay on average is $2500 to stay in a mediocre hotel with a room for you and a room for your family. If you decide to rent a timeshare property, the weekly price will be around 3500 or less for a 5 star resort or better. You will also gain all the amenities that each owner maintains and all the perks such as discounts to attractions, social events, and transportation to and from area locations.

Sell your Timeshare

When it comes to Renting and/or selling your Timeshare we are the best choice for you. Our experienced team of consultants have taken a seminars, training, market research and much more in this area due to the fact of the demand we have had in the last couple of years in this department. The timeshare resale and rental market has expanded dramatically in the last decade and continues to grow every year. As more and more owners seek to sell or rent timeshares that no longer fit their lifestyle, the number of identical or similar properties on the market grows. That is why in Intl. Marketing Consultants we manage to provide you with the best.

Buy a Timeshare

Get a Great Vacation for a Great Price by purchasing a timeshare

Do you love getting away for a vacation? Timeshares offer you the ability to spend time at some of the best quality resorts around the world and enjoy their services and amenities, all while paying a fraction of the cost you would traditionally spend.

Intl. Marketing Consultants will help you

Save money on traditional vacation costs by purchasing a timeshare you can use time and time again, allowing you to save thousands of dollars over time.

Intl. Marketing Consultants can Help You Find the Perfect Timeshare!

Whatever your vacation dream is, well help you get it.

• Our Experienced and knowledgeable staff will match you with a timeshare that fits your vacation dreams. Just tell our staff your price range and what you’re looking for, and well find what you are looking for. We have all the necessary tools that allow us to find the vacation that best fits you.

• We will talk you through the entire process, utilizing our experience in every aspect of the market to make sure you get the highest quality for the best deals at every step along the way.
• We will also recommend a finance and/or closing company to make the process easier for you.

Owning a timeshare is your ticket to better vacationing. This means an ever-expanding choice of accommodations, amenities, locations, pricing, use plans, and timeshare exchange. You can tailor vacations to meet you lifestyle needs and travel dreams at more than 5,000 resorts in almost 100 countries around the world. Learn how you can enjoy the flexibility as well as the discipline of better vacation planning and consistent quality accommodations.

Save Thousands by Choosing Resale

Don’t buy directly from resorts when you can buy resale. Resorts tack the costs of advertising timeshares directly onto the price of the timeshare itself, often doubling the price you pay. When you buy resale, you by pass those advertising costs by purchasing directly from the timeshare owner. This allows you to... Purchase Timeshares at up to 50% of the original price. Save literally thousands of dollars for the highest quality of accommodations, amenities, and service at name brand resorts around the world.